New Stevengraph Books

Stevengraphs in Colour

The Silk Woven Bookmarks of Thomas Stevens

The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant


Stevengraphs in Colour: compiled by Mark R.B. Cottrill

A new STEVENGRAPH book and the first new book about Stevengraphs for 40 years.

  • Lists all known portrait and scenic Stevengraphs including many unrecorded items
  • Contains a short biography of Thomas Stevens written by his great niece in 1960
  • An appendix contains lists of known German titled Stevengraphs, Triple titled silks and Calendar silks
  • Each title includes a guide to its scarcity
  • 160 pages, 366 colour images, image wrap hard cover.
  • 8″ by 10″ approximately

 The Silk Woven Bookmarks of Thomas Stevens by Mark Cottrill

     – Published in 2015, this is the first reference book entirely devoted to Stevens bookmarks and lists, in full colour, nearly all the known designs together with several variations.

      - Bookmarks are arranged in alphabetical categories (American, Birthdays, Christmas etc) with both Godden and Darby reference numbers. The index is arranged alphabetically so that, as a reference tool a particular design can be found very quickly. Many previously unrecorded designs are included - all in colour.

      - 156 pages with some 700+ colour images.

      - Image wrap hard cover. Printed on quality gloss paper 



The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant by Mark Cottrill 

      - Published in 2012, the first comprehensive reference book devoted to Mr Stevens’s rival weaver in Coventry. The extensively researched book provides information on the W.H.Grant company, a classification of the portraits and views, the exhibition weavings the company produced, calendar silks, family Christmas cards, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks and favours.

      - 98 pages on quality glossy paper and multiple colour images on almost every page. Image wrap hard cover.



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